24/7 Gym/Fitness Centre Access Control By FONENTRY

Online bookings for pay-as-you-go gym sessions, classes or monthly memberships and 24/7 gym/fitness centre access control with an online check-in.


Easy online bookings and payments with member management and 24/7 gym/fitness centre access

FONENTRY provides a simple booking system which also manages the membership administration. It takes payments and provides 24/7 gym/fitness centre access and an online, self-service reception.

FONENTRY can connect to the door controller to provide self-service reception for 24/7 member access, by unlocking the door automatically when the Member uses their access credentials. FONENTRY works for full-time members as well as pay-as-you-go and occasional users.

The FONENTRY platform allows registered gyms to offer memberships and pay-as-you-go activity passes with the following options: 

Once-off single day pass

Five days, ten days or unlimited access for a single month or on a monthly recurring basis

Fitness Class passes for a specific day and time

FONENTRY Partners have full control over their own Partner page, applying their branding and information, images, trading hours, terms and conditions as well as customer support details.

The FONENTRY Partner dashboard provides the ability to:

  • provide 24/7 self-service reception

  • provide 24/7 gym/fitness centre access control

  • view, add and manage products

  • view and manage customers

  • manage orders, cancellations, refunds

  • add staff with customised permissions

  • produce reports on orders, payments, refunds

  • manage the access control equipment at the door

The gym owner is able to take a multi-channel approach to publicise and promote their FONENTRY Partner page by sharing and posting the URL on their own business website, social media, or on any advertising and marketing collateral, to encourage existing members and new clients to book through their FONENTRY Partner page.


FONENTRY Partner gyms may take advantage of the simple booking system to allow private Personal Trainers to buy ‘session bundles’ for their gym, thereby using the gym on a pay-as-you-go basis to provide their personal training services. The personal trainer’s clients can then purchase pay-as-you-go bundles to the gym for these sessions, thereby providing an additional source of revenue for the gym, and providing a fully equipped space for the trainer.


FONENTRY Members are able to search for gyms, yoga and pilates studios, fitness clubs and leisure centres.

Bookings may be made online on the FONENTRY Website or from the FONENTRY Mobile App, available on the App Store or Google Play. Members can view their booking and payment history on their account dashboard and in the App.

On confirmation of a booking, a QR Code and Access Code is stored in the App account and is sent by email. On arrival at the gym, the Member shows the QR Code to the camera on a tablet at the gym entrance or reception desk, the QR Code will be validated and access granted.

Members without a compatible smartphone (and therefore without the FONENTRY App) can access the gym by entering the Access Code or scanning the QR Code on the eTicket emailed to them on confirmation of their booking, using the FONENTRY Tablet at the entrance.

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