App Privacy Policy

FONENTRY App Privacy Policy

Last Updated: December 03, 2019

Thank you for choosing the FONENTRY services.

Through this Privacy Policy, we will explain how FONENTRY and partnering companies (Partners) collect, use, share, and protect information.

Information we Collect

Information provided by you when you register on FONENTRY including your username, password, email address, phone number and name.

Information provided by you when you use FONENTRY including:

  • Usage Information:  We collect your location information from:
    1. reading QR Codes displayed on the FONENTRY reception tablet which you scan with your mobile phones rear camera;
    2. when your mobile phone comes in close proximity to a FONENTRY Beacon, the serial number delivered to your mobile phone by the Beacon will enable your FONENTRY App to tells us where you are. 
  • This allows us to:
    1. give you access to a facility or service you booked by unlocking a door, barrier, gate or turnstile;
    2. register your attendance at the venue you booked;
    3. register your location, identity and the date and time of your visit.
  • Content Information:  We do not collect or save any photos or videos nor do we collect video or sound clips.
  • Device Information:  We collect information about your device. This includes hardware model, operating system and version, unique device identifiers including MAC address and IMEI, language, mobile device phone number and mobile network connection. We may also collect diagnostic data to assist us to resolve any issue that may occur.
  • Device Phonebook and photo gallery:  We do not access contacts data or the photo gallery held on your device.
  • Analytics Information:  We may employ third party analytics tools to analyse the access transaction information sent by your device to FONENTRY.  This help us to measure traffic and usage trends and improve our services.  The information we gather from our analytics tools is used for statistical purposes and cannot be used to identify any individual.

How we hold your Information

  • Your account information (e.g. email address, password, phone number) is encrypted and stored on registration. We will take reasonable means to make sure your information is not decrypted or accessed.
  •  Your log-in information, including your password, are your responsibility to protect. It is your responsibility to control and manage at all times access to FONENTRY services.

How we use your Information

  • We use the information collected together so that, with statistical analysis we can understand how you use FONENTRY.  This allows us to make improvements to the FONENTRY platform and offer you special deals and inform you of any promotions and special deals offered by FONENTRY partners.

How we share your Information

  • We monitor the services you purchase from FONENTRY partners so as to provide them with feedback, which will assist partners improve the services they provide.
  • We gather statistics and materials necessary to support our business associations with third party service providers (Affiliates), for example the credit card service providers.

How we communicate with you

  • The first time you register and make a booking on the FONENTRY platform, we send you your membership and booking confirmation by email.  This is followed with a second email with your eTicket, which is your access pass to the facilities and services you booked.
  • For each booking you make on the FONENTRY platform, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking and your eTicket access pass.
  • You will receive email reminders of upcoming bookings and reminders of bookings and memberships nearing expiry.
  • At any time, you as a FONENTRY member can log on to your FONENTRY account using your email address and password to view current and future booking purchases made and past transactions.
  • Any aspects of this Privacy Policy may be updated, edited, and new policies changes added or removed whenever the FONENTRY App is updated. We encourage you to check for and download updates to the FONENTRY Mobile App and to review the associated Privacy Policy.