Pre-Register Online For Meetings, With Self-Service Reception

Enable meeting attendees to pre-register online for meetings and use a self-service check-in to speed up their arrival at reception.


Easy online bookings and payments with member management and 24/7 gym/fitness centre access

FONENTRY provides a cloud-based booking system with automated reception that uses an Android tablet as a self-service kiosk to register visitor arrival. It give access to the first points of contact, such as the car park entrance or visitor reception.

FONENTRY enables the convenor/host to reserve meeting facilities and send out meeting invitations, detailing date, time and location. Visitors pre-register their attendance online, providing personal details and ID information. On confirmation, the visitors receive an eTicket with access credentials.

The FONENTRY App (which holds their access credentials) and eTicket gives approved visitors access via an Android tablet at the car park entrance and/or visitor reception. The visitor’s credentials are verified in the cloud database, and access is granted by activating wireless and battery powered door locks, gates or barriers to open.

Advantages of Self-service Reception

  • Reduces the host’s workload and responsibility for collecting and recording the visitor’s details and passes this on to the visitor, thereby reducing data entry and transcription errors, delivering more accurate and reliable visit data.

  • Signing off of site safety and confidentiality conditions can be completed in advance of the visit, reducing reception’s workload.

  • Gives the host the time and opportunity to conduct any additional security checks on the visitor prior to their arrival on site.

  • Automates access to car parks and reception.

  • Reduces reception’s workload, enabling faster processing of visitors.

  • Uses off-the-shelf products and wireless and battery powered locks.


A person who is invited to a meeting by a FONENTRY Partner will be requested to pre-register online by following a URL. When the person replies to the invitation, they become a FONENTRY Member. They may be asked to supply ID authentication details at the time of registering as required by the business being visited (e.g. driver’s licence, vehicle registration, etc.).

On approval and confirmation of the meeting pre-registration, an eTicket is emailed to the Member. The Member can download the FONENTRY App onto their mobile phone, and the eTicket or app is used to register their arrival and get access. Proof of identity will be verified upon arrival.

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