Accommodation With 24/7 Self Check In By FONENTRY

Accommodation With 24/7 Self Check In By FONENTRY

Simplify your guest bookings, payments and reception. Offer accommodation with 24/7 self check in.


Easy online bookings and convenient accommodation with 24/7 self check in 

FONENTRY is perfect for hotels and ‘Air B&B-type’ accommodation, enabling them to operate without the need for a night-time reception desk. Guests can book, pay online and gain access to the facilities using just their mobile phone.
Accommodation bookings with 24/7 self check in have never been easier.

Simply make a booking and enjoy 24/7 venue access with your mobile. It’s that simple!

Whilst the front desk is still able to assist guests during normal daytime hours, having the ability to allow guests to do a self-service check-in at all hours is a cost-saving benefit. It is also very convenient and flexible. The booked accommodation is pre-paid online. It allows guests to arrive late at night without the need for staff to be physically present to check them in.

FONENTRY registered venues set up their available bookings, including peak or low season rates.
From the FONENTRY dashboard, the registered venue is able to send emails to individual guests with pertinent additional information or instructions.


FONENTRY Members book online, making secure payment via credit or debit card. You will receive an eTicket as confirmation of your booking, and reminder emails.

Guests are able to self-check-in, without the need to speak to a front-desk receptionist.
Download the FONENTRY App which stores your access credentials. You can then get entry at any time for the duration of your booking by using the FONENTRY App or your personal Access Code.

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